Part of why we feel so divided is that we've built an economic system that divides us.

What if we had the power to build something different?

We Can. We Are.

We know sh*t’s messed up. The news tells us the world is on fire, but we don’t need more fire alarms. We need fire extinguishers and fire-resistant structures! How to Citizen and Baratunde Thurston have made over 40 podcast episodes highlighting ways to use our collective power. Based on what we’ve learned, we built this site to help us all build an economy that works for everyone.

It takes three steps and five minutes.



First, let’s take a moment to reflect on our own experiences and feelings. It may sound corny, but trust us. It’s important.

  1. When you hear that three men have more wealth than the bottom half of Americans, how does that make you feel? Screaming into a pillow is a valid response.
  2. How have you personally experienced wealth inequality: seeing extreme poverty and wealth in your area; feeling FOMO + jealousy about others getting ahead; struggling with debt; something else?
  3. How would you spend your time if all your basic financial needs were met?


Before we try to fix all the things, let’s learn something. Gathering information is an action step we often forget.

Watch a six minute video that will inform you about wealth inequality in the U.S. while making you want to eat pie.

Read about how a guaranteed income program didn’t lead to people quitting their jobs to do drugs but helped them pay off debt and find more work.

EXTRA CREDIT: This 12-minute video is good at explaining what wealth inequality is, how it’s grown so much, and why it’s a problem.



Instead of all of us trying to adjust ourselves to fit the system, what if we adjusted the system so it fits all of us? Here are three things we can do to help close the wealth gap in the U.S.

With Your Time

Listen to Baratunde’s Conversation with Aisha Nyandoro of the Magnolia Mother’s Trust. Her advocacy for guaranteed income is fire, factual, and fun

With Your Energy

Support the guaranteed income movement in the US. Find out if your mayor has signed on to trial a guaranteed income program, and if not, encourage them!

With Your Money

The Debt Collective is organizing to cancel debts and build financial and political power. If the Federal Reserve can buy up corporate debt, why can’t we? Learn more and donate!

How To Citizen is a Podcast and Community dedicated to bringing you new ways to change the world. We’re coming out with Season 4 of the show soon – and if you made it this far, we want your help shaping it.

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